Jacob Trombetta

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My new album Waveguides comes out March 25th on Discrete Spectrum.

You can pre-order the vinyl, digital, or cd at here.

The soundtrack I worked on for a film by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, Ellie Lumme. It's "sort of a ghost story without a ghost". Check out the teaser below.

This is the first piece in the Combined Classics series. Moby Dick + Beethoven is a 24-hour vocoded piece which combines Herman Melville's unabridged novel Moby Dick and the string quartets, piano sonatas, and symphonies of Ludwig van Beethoven. This work was inspired by the number stations which appeared shortly after World War II.

The entire work is available as high quality mp3s on a data dvd with design and illustrations by Nick Spolarich. It is available here.

Listen to the entire work here.